Tour de Blog

Tour de Blog

A while ago, author Janie Chang invited me to participate in Tour de Blog, but grading exams kept me from accepting. Last week, another awesome and talented writing friend, Bradley Somer, asked and I accepted since I'm on summer holidays. The Tour de Blog event invites Canadian authors to answer four questions. Please click on the links at the bottom of this post to read some of the previous respondents. Without further ado, here are my answers. What am I working on? Well, I'm not working on my tan since I seem to be allergic to the sun (don't ask). In terms of … [Read More...]

10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Be a Picture Book Author

I never expected to enjoy the publication of my debut picture book, The Change Your Name Store, as much as I have. I kind of expected it to be like hosting a dinner party. You spend relentless hours preparing and then it's over before you manage to take the battery out of the blaring smoke detector. Unlike most of my meals, picture books seem to take on a life of their own once they're in the … [Read More...]

When Your Husband Helps You Blog

When I haven't done something for a while, I temporarily lose my confidence. Take going to the gym. I haven't done that since George Bush (guess the middle initial) was POTUS. Take sleeping. As someone who has experienced insomnia, one bad sleep can make me freak out more than Gwyneth Paltrow does around cooked vegetables. And take blogging. Earlier today, I said to my husband (who I'll … [Read More...]

How An Author Reacts to Seeing Her Book for the First Time

Yesterday, I received this text from my husband:   Then, the grand opening, in which I almost stabbed my eye out with scissors:   Vivian looked for her name (and found it!) William proudly pounced on the eight feet of bubble wrap until I threatened to shred it. Chris laughed at my kindergarten-author photo, which is me in my 1970s glory.   … [Read More...]

Picture Book Q and A: Ideas, Research & Diversity

The Change Your Name Store is my debut picture book. On May 6th, Wilma Lee Wu will be introduced to the world. I can't wait. Here's your chance to know more about The Change Your Name Store. I arranged this post  in a Q-and-A format because interviewing myself is more interesting than washing windows, something I should be doing. This is Part 1. The second part will come when I should be … [Read More...]