The Worst Toys of 2014

Humor Toys

It's my fifth annual list of the Worst Toys of the Year. I wish my job of selecting these was getting harder, but it remains as easy as making fun of a Kardashian. Here, then, are the Top 7 Worst Toys of 2014: What do you think? What are this year's worthy toys? horrific ones? What were your favourite toys from your own childhood? … [Read More...]

An ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Batman Style

I'm not sure what possessed me to don a partial Batman suit. My children's future therapists can figure that out. But, late as always, I decided to partake in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, not only because Clay Morgan challenged me to, but also because my paternal grandfather died from ALS. Watch it. Then donate. If not to ALS, to somewhere. Twenty-four … [Read More...]

Remembering a Century and a Legacy: Grandpa

One hundred years ago today, one of my favourite men was born: Walter William Rasmussen. My grandpa is the namesake of my son, William Walter; the patriarch of all things witty; and my connection to Norwegian heritage and baseball. At his funeral nearly seven years ago, one of my cousins recalled how Grandpa was the first person in the community in the 1980s to install a satellite dish (about … [Read More...]

Tour de Blog

A while ago, author Janie Chang invited me to participate in Tour de Blog, but grading exams kept me from accepting. Last week, another awesome and talented writing friend, Bradley Somer, asked and I accepted since I'm on summer holidays. The Tour de Blog event invites Canadian authors to answer four questions. Please click on the links at the bottom of this post to read some of the previous … [Read More...]

10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Be a Picture Book Author

I never expected to enjoy the publication of my debut picture book, The Change Your Name Store, as much as I have. I kind of expected it to be like hosting a dinner party. You spend relentless hours preparing and then it's over before you manage to take the battery out of the blaring smoke detector. Unlike most of my meals, picture books seem to take on a life of their own once they're in the … [Read More...]