Swooning, Devil Author, Twitter Parties, and James Rollins

I’ve long since had a fascination with authors. I listen to interviews with them, I read their books and bios, and I send them emails. Yes, I swoon, just a bit but sometimes more.

Lately, I’ve been a bit forward about the swooning. In the past few months, I’ve had some conversations with authors I love. Some of the first lines I’ve used recently include:

“I used to haul grain to Altona” (to Miriam Toews, who grew up near that town and is the author of Irma Voth, ).

“I read your book. I love the s*x scene, the one that you describe in parliamentary language.” (to Terry Fallis, author of The Best Laid Plans)

“Sorry, I’ve exhausted my Arabic.”  (To Izzeldin Abuelaish, author of I Shall Not Hate, after I’d spat out twenty words in his native language).

I’ve become a loose cannon.

Maybe someone should’ve warned New York Times Best Selling Author, James Rollins.

Yesterday, I sent him this tweet:

Now, before you think I’ve gone completely loopy, this wasn’t quite the first conversation I’ve had with him.

A couple of weeks ago, I had this exchange with James (yes, I feel like we’re on a first name basis).

Yes, I’m fawning. For those of you who don’t know Twitter speak, DH = Dear Husband.

Anyway, James responded:

I answered:

Yes, I am one of those people who reveal annoying personal details. He answered, maybe out of pity (or maybe because he’s a nice guy, and he breathes air).

I continue the conversation, revealing more irrelevant personal details.

So there you have it.

Well, not quite.

Kristen Lamb, another published author I swoon over, emailed me and asked if I could help promote this International Twitter Party for the release of James Rollins’ new novel, The Devil Colony, on Tuesday. Kristen could ask me to stand on my head for a day and speak only in Pig Latin, and I’d do it.

So I said yes. After all, it involves Twitter, authors, devils, and parties.

I’ll be there.

Will you come too?

It’s devil-themed, so feel free to get out your devil garb, make deviled-egg sandwiches, or listen to The Devil Went Down to Georgia or Devil Inside.

While it may seem that I’m inviting you to join a cult, I assure you we’re just going to chat and have online fun together. No sacrificial chickens or bunnies, I promise (but if you want to read about dead animal parts on my porch, go ahead).

So on Tuesday, say hi and congrats to @JamesRollins. He really is friendly, even if you’re a tad loopy, like me. There are even some prizes, including a Nook (if you’re Canadian, that’s Barnes and Nobles’ version of the Kobo). Check out the hashtag #DevilColony. If you’re a writer, this is a great opportunity to hobnob with other authors, agents and editors, who will no doubt be there.

See you Tuesday, with or without your horns on!


In the comments section, feel free to relate anything devilish you’ve done recently. Or any bizarre interactions you’ve had (or want to have) with authors.


  1. says

    Great! I’m considering sacrificing some deviled eggs. We’ll see what else we can cook up. Also, “Leanne swoons” can be rearranged to spell ALONENESS NOW. But you’re not scary :-)

  2. says

    Don’t worry. You are not alone. I am a total James Rollins fan girl. Only I’m too embarrassed to actually swoon AT him. So I just got all fan girly behind the scenes with Kristen Lamb after she emailed me about the party. We were a couple of teenagers at a Bon Jovi concert.

    • says

      Groupie, indeed! I’m reading Ice Hunt now. This involves me feeling claustrophobic under my duvet.

      Do you think I can invoice James for wages lost due to lack of sleep from reading his book?

  3. says

    @educlaytion Can you do that with anything you read? Do you have anagrams constantly swirling around in your head? Because that would be an interesting way to live…

  4. says

    Our local library always looks a little annoyed when I try to donate my books. They seem to have an over abundance and no shelf space. Therefore, I have many books in plastic tubs in storage. Now I’m curious if a Rollins book is in there….

    I’m going to try to make it to this shin-dig tuesday!

  5. says

    I really have an intellectual barricade when if comes to Twitter and parties, but perhaps I’ll check in, wearing my blue dress of course. That’s as devilish as I get.

    • says

      I’ve never been to a Twitter party either (and I avoid Tupperware and Epicure parties like they’re selling something contagious), but I figure as writers we need to support other writers. Even if they’re famous. Hope to see you there!

  6. says

    Sweet invite Leanne!

    My first author experience was on Twitter with James Scott Bell. I recommended his book Plot & Structure (and tend to do this a lot, see I just did it again, but it’s an awesome book, anyway) and he Tweeted me back. I was in shock, he noticed me for a second! So being brilliant I typed back, “Almost fell out of my chair! I can’t believe I just got a tweet from you, love your book!”

    Yeah it could have been smoother but it was worse with James. I thought he was new to Twitter, Kristen Lamb was guiding him and so I tried to be helpful, like I would for anyone. I have to say though that James Rollins is a great guy and took my fumbles with grace and poise.

    • says

      If you ever have a chance to see James Scott Bell at a conference, do it. His sessions are packed with info. I saw him at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (SiWC). I also joked with him and his wife (I was at the party table, the one next to his).

      Sigh. I’m going to badger a few more authors at this year’s SiWC. My specialty is making jokes in the elevator. Umm, ya. Sort of.

  7. Elena Aitken says

    I may have just spat out a little bit of wine! That may have been the best invitation I’ve ever received to a Twitter party. Also, it may have been the only one. Regardless, I’ll totally be there, if only to witness the swooning first hand.
    I have to admit…I’m a little jealous as I can’t swoon. I actually just freeze up and start with the uhhh’s and ummm’s

    • says

      Do you remember me in the elevator at the Surrey Writers’ Conference? That’s my favourite place to swoon. The authors = trapped! I do believe I made Tim Wynne Jones laugh. Maybe Diana Gabaldon too.

      You’ll swoon. Come on…

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