My Weekend in Tweets

Subtitle 1: Too Lazy-a$$ed To Write a Real Post
Subtitle 2: Has Anyone Seen My Sense of Humour?

It’s not much of a secret that I was at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (#SiWC2011) this past weekend. I’ll blog more about the wow factor when I become coherent. With any luck, that will occur before I start collecting my pension in 2014.

In any case, here is a slice of my weekend in bits and bytes and tweets and sights:

Wednesday: the yay version

Wednesday: the oy version

Thursday: hanging with POTUS once removed and POTUS twice removed

Spot the Secret Service (It was Where's Waldo for Idiots)

Thursday: hanging with Diana Gabaldon for a Nanosecond

Friday: to be elaborated upon soon

Saturday: uh oh

Sunday: return to reality, including blog stats

Sunday: return to reality, including my name

Sunday: return to reality, the good parts

Monday: the painful beginning

Monday: the dopey continuation

Your turn:

What was your weekend like?


  1. says

    Funny, it included a giant orange thing, lots of yellow and green things, and beating my brother through a maze made of straw bales. (Yup, Pumpkin Patch trip!)

    Glad you had a wonderful time at SIWC (love Thing 1&2 pics!!) — hope to hear more of it before I turn to dust. :)

  2. says

    Back to Back 90 minute spin classes with the theme: “cycle overdose;” three hours of teaching to music sung by artists who died from drug overdose, suicide, or plane crash. Building a diorama based on a Magic Tree House book; a completely edible jungle scene (including green licorice “vines” and Oreo cookie dirt floor) inside a box decorated to look like a something my husband should be building in the back yard. A “parents welcome” halloween party that made me wish I was one of those featured artists from my spin class. Baking a Boy Scout themed cake . . . that started as a camping scene and ended up as a “scat identification” cake due to time constraints. A 45 minute soccer game, and the 10th straight loss of the season. A 13 mile run with the dogs, on which they also found some scat, five feet from the car. Dog washing, laundry marathon, and planning for the New Zealand food project due on Thursday. And that was just Saturday . . . not necessarily in that order. It is probably better that I don’t have a twitter account.

  3. Lori Dyan says

    How drunk were you when you took that awesome pic of the authorities with T1&T2? Because if you were sober, you just blew my mind…

  4. says

    I once almost got arrested for … wait for it: boating in a flooded soccer field. The police were convinced we were drunk. My next step might’ve indicated I was (but I wasn’t, promise!) – I asked the cop if he’d pose for a picture.

    And believe it or not he did. And, we were sent away with a stern reminder to “remember your lifejackets” (but sir, it’s a flooded soccer field – there’s only 3 feet of water!)

    I still have the picture but my friends in it refuse to let it be shown to the public :(

  5. says

    I hope you finished in time on Wednesday. Nice pics too. Presidents even? Too bad Bill C. didn’t see your picture. As for my weekend, I worked some 30 hours at a film festival. Thousands of people came. What a time. :-)

  6. says

    Hilarious post, Leanne. Entering your phone number into the microwave is something I’d probably do until I’ve had my morning tea also. Ummm, did anyone answer?

  7. Kim says

    Hi Leanne, I may have to pick up my copy of Outlander again for a “Jamie fix” after seeing your pic with Diana Gabaldon. Love that man! Speaking of love…I got engaged this weekend! Yup! That’s right. At 40, I’ve finally found Mr. Right.

  8. says

    You got to meet Diana Gabaldon! That is so exciting. Did she by any chance mention possibly when the next Outlander book will come out? My weekend involved my grandmother’s funeral so I am very much glad to have that behind me. Your weekend trumps mine, thankfully.

  9. says

    Went out to dinner with the hubs friday night for our anniversary. Had to wait forever for the second round of our “fusion tapas” and then after mentioning to the waiter we were still waiting, having him come out 5 minutes later and asking if we were ready for dessert. Um, no dumbass, we still haven’t gotten the rest of our dinner. Fail.

    But I also got to go to the MD Ren Fest on Saturday and meet a fellow blogger, so that was super fun and made up for any silly failure of an anniversary dinner. Fun times!!

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