Stuff Dad Does While Mom Is Out

After my husband came home from work on Saturday, I scooted out for 45 minutes. In that time, I managed to get $50 worth of groceries, buy a tea, and visit a book store.

In that same time, my husband managed to shoot a video of William.

Here is an inverted William singing “Run Runaway” by Slade (also covered by Great Big Sea).


And now you understand why I sometimes run, runaway.

Happy Monday.

Your turn:
If you were to use permanent marker to draw eyes and a nose on your chin, what song would you sing upside down?


I will reveal the lies from my Two Truths and a Lie post later this week. You readers left some entertaining stories of your own in the comments. Thanks!


  1. says

    I think my favorite part of this is that he included eyebrows.
    Now that’s a face built for expressions…

    As for me, I don’t run away.
    Instead, I send my kids away.


  2. says

    It would most likely be “You Spin Me Round” by Dead Or Alive, and I would sing it in a very low mocking voice :-)

    I meant to visit your blog a while ago and I’m glad I finally did. You’re hilarious! I’m subscribing to your posts.

  3. says

    Well Leanne, I’m not sure what was funnier: William upside down, or a youtube video (that popped on the screen after William was done) of you trying to tell a joke about electrons, protons, and neutrons. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?? hehe

  4. says

    Love that post with the video. I’m afraid I can’t tell a joke at all, either. I can be witty and sarcastic with short quips/retorts, but can NOT tell a joke. And no, I won’t make a vlog about it!

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    You’ve had so many comments by the time I got around to this, but if hasn’t already been mentioned, and you’re taking requests for the next time you leave your husband alone with the kids, I would like to see both Thing 1 and Thing 2 do an inverted duet concert to “Born to Be Wild.” Would that be awesome, or what? I smell Oscar (as in Academy Award, not my dog).

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