Thing 1 and Thing 2: Special Op

While the original bad-hair-day Thing 1 and Thing 2 are traipsing over Europe (Switzerland, England, and soon The Netherlands), a special op pair recently landed in Pittsburgh to visit my buddy, Clay Morgan.

They had some adventures with Clay, let me tell you, including teaching college, going on a road trip through Kentucky and on to Nashville, and seeing Heinz Field. Note to my Canadian readers: Heinz Field is where the Steelers play. Who knew that Sid the Kid wasn’t the only franchise in Pittsburgh?

Click on the following link (or the picture below) to take you to The Things Excellent Adventure (including their stop in Guntown Mountain, Kentucky).

Kentucky! Apparently there's a Pizza Hut underneath the sign for Guntown Mtn.

Also, there was this fabulous Killer Tribes conference in Nashville a couple of weeks ago which so many of my favourite bloggers attended. I had to miss it (sniff), so Clay and our very good friend, Kim Wilson, took the Things to represent Canada. Okay, to appease me. Kim snapped so many fab pictures. They’re here: Killer Tribes Weekend Slideshow.

Thing 1 & Thing 2 with some bloggers you likely know (or some bloggers you should know). Kim is in the front wearing wearing a blue shirt the same colour as the Things' hair.

Rumor has it that Kim is taking the Special Op pair of Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the Summer Olympics in London. Once again, I’m envious of 30 or so grams of Seussian fluff.

If you wish to read about their travels thus far, here are some past tales of Thing 1 and Thing 2’s Excellent Adventure.

If you want to get on the list to be a host, sign up in the comments here. (The wait is likely more than a year!). If you have a Special Op for them, let me know.