Roses in Bahrain: a revealing guest post

For some reason, when I write guest posts for other bloggers, I frequently reveal a different side of me, often a less funny one.

Today, I’m over at Reed My Writing, run by humor writer and dad, J.R. Reed, a funny man with whom I’ve shared many tweets over the past month.

On Thursdays, J.R. runs a metaphorical Happy Hour, where he invites a blogger to be a guest “bartender” and tell a story they might share in a social situation. Evidently I was busy pouring myself a few because I’ve gone a bit personal…

Please click over to read my post, Roses in Bahrain. There are some details I’ve never shared before, either in the history in the blogosphere or in real life.

I’ll see you in the comments at Reed My Writing! Let me know what you’re drinking and I’ll pour you one.