An Obituary for EduClaytion

EduClaytion, the blog of my good friend Clay Morgan, is dead.

Here is the obituary.

After three years and over 400 posts, eduClaytion has been laid to rest.

Best known for his quirky musings, eduClaytion charmed the world like a zombie-hunting Flynn Rider. Many will remember his ridiculous videos of the most mediocre quality available. From showers and hot tubs, to stylish Christmas sweaters and inspired dance moves, he shared and bared it all. Nearly.

Quick with a movie reference, eduClaytion’s favorites included The Matrix, Braveheart, Ferris Bueller, The Breakfast Club, and Mamma Mia. He was always one to share his Teen-Jeopardy level knowledge of Gen X Culture, to obsess over PB & J, and to never put Baby in a corner. EduClaytion’s contribution to Western Civilization will be missed. He was a gracious host and a better hostess.

He will also be remembered for creating myriad versions of claytion in words that had no business–vaclaytion, loclaytion, insert-your-own-claytion–a habit that definitely wasn’t completely annoying.

On a couple of occasions, eduClaytion even managed to show up freshly pressed. Although he was quiet in his final months, eduClaytion rallied for a final time with March Movie Madness Part Deux, yet he could not escape the fate once prophesied by William Wallace, that timeless axiom ringing through the centuries: Every blog dies. Not every blog really lives.

EduClaytion was a teacher’s teacher and a fool’s fool. Psych. You know that’s right.

Left to mourn are Kate Beckinsale and Emily Blunt. Maybe. His absence will be felt just as his presence probably was, IYKWIM.

The funeral will be held on Friday, May 18. In lieu of flowers, mourners who wish to contribute a short video to eduClaytion’s celebration of life should email educlaytion(at)gmail(dot)com by Tuesday.


In the meantime, please go to eduClaytion to hear his famous last words and to suggest a suitable epitaph for the tombstone.