I Love You More Than…

Over a decade ago, when I first saw my not-yet-husband interact with his five-year-old nephew, they were playing “I love you more than.”

The game pingponged back and forth, each analogy wilder and crazier than the last. When my husband said, “I love you more than a lake full of Pepsi,” the game was over.


Years later, when our twins were born, my brother and sister-in-law gifted us a beautiful book, entitled Mama, Do You Love Me? Although it didn’t contain the line, “more than a lake full of Pepsi,” it soon became a family favourite.

This very book was used as the inspiration for poems that both Vivian and William wrote for Mother’s Day at school.

I may have had something in my eye when I read both of their inspired poems in bed at 7:00 a.m. yesterday, the precise time Vivian and William promised they’d let me sleep until.

I can hear their voices in these lines; I hope you can too.

From Vivian:

From William:

Thanks for reading. I love you more than four bars of Toblerone.


Feel free to play the game in the comments:
“I love __ more than __.”
As always, goofiness is expected accepted.


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    Squee! Those letters! Yes, I would have cried, too, if I’d received them.

    I love them more than Vivian loves coloUr coding words and more than William loves metaphors (or, is it analogies?).

    They have their mamma’s gift with words.

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    I hope you read Vivian’s first because anything that might have been in your eyes could be mistaken as laughing too hard at William’s. Wow, how sweet. And how well-written for 7yo’s. They certainly take after you with their humour and writing abilities.

    My fave lines: “more than a small library book loves the big library” and “until shark teeth stop growing and apes can talk”. So good!

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    Those hand written letters get me every time too. I didn’t get any this year :( A little sad about that. They are getting older though – maybe those days are past? Thanks for sharing yours.

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    That must have absolutely melted your heart. So very different and yet both entirely amazingly. What a great group you have share your life with! Including the husband who wants a lake full of pepsi. If he’s taking orders, I’ll have mimosas…I mean, diet pepsi.

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    I sing a song to the Reds each night before bed – they sing along most nights. The last two lines are: “I love you more than bubbles in the bathtub. I love you more than you ask, “Why?”

    Your kids are awesome – must get it from their mum (although rumour has it that their dad pretty much kicks ass, too) You are blessed, indeed my friend.

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    Ouchie, those poems really make the dust fly around the room and stick into your eyes… *sniff. I love the fact they’re similar in structure but very different in content. Girl are always the more romantic ones. But boys do have that clumsy sometimes-unintentionally sweetness (maybe he talks tigers and sharks and think he’s a badass :D)

    I can’t come up with a goofy “I love something more than something else” cuz this dust in the air ruined my mood 😛 All I can think of now is a line from “I am Sam”, letter from autistic daddy Sean Penn to his little daughter Lucy, named after “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”.

    “And P.S. I love you, like the song. P.S. I love you, like in the song.”

    Ouchie again.

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    Okay, I am going to devote a blog to your Mother’s Day vs. mine. Because the only thing in my eye was dirt. And you have to see the card. It’ll be ready in August. So look for it. 😉

    You are a great mom.

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    Well I was tearing up at all that toffee chocolatey goodness!! Were there also words or something? From your children you say? Eh.

    Kidding. Those were lovely poems from your kids. Your daughter really has a knack for descriptive writing. Hmm, wonder where she gets that from? Sounds like you had a fab M’s day full of love and chocolate. What could be better than that? 😉

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