What You Don’t Want Your Daughter To Say After Prom

I was either stuck in a windstorm or it was prom (circa 1989).

It’s prom season. Maybe I’ll tell my prom story one of these days. It’s as cliche as they get.


But for now, please click over to Nickelodeon’s NickMom to read my latest attempt at humor.



Top 9 Things Moms Don’t Want Their Daughters To Say After Prom

Here’s a teaser:

#7: “And then I used my fake ID to buy drinks for everyone!”

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  1. says

    My daughter, Danielle, has a hairstyle almost identical to yours. It was about the same year. Loved your list – especially the one about using the fake ID to buy everyone drinks. (How about #11: I had to drive my date home cuz he had passed out after all the free drinks.) lol

  2. says

    First — Rockin’ hair! I’m from the big-hair days too and you have some impressive height and volume going. Second — love your list of 9 at NickMom. Laughed out loud at the modeling contract. ha!!

  3. says

    I LOVE your grad picture, I remember that hair :) my little sister’s grad is coming up in a few weeks – I am sincerely hoping I don’t hear any of these lines come out of her mouth :S eek!

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