10 Updates That Sum Up My Week in Suburbia

During the first week of holidays, I had an editing crisis that sent me to the edge of a writer’s cliff, I had more needles in my mouth than an addict in her arm, and I blogged at StuffKidsWrite.com about a “memorable” thank you note I received from a student.

Here, though, are ten additional updates that provide some sort of summary of my first week of holidays:

1. On not having school to entertain my children

2. On twins working together to undermine their mother

3. On William being an 8-year-old boy, Part One:

4. On William being an 8-year-old boy, Part Two:

5. On my attempt to take back my inbox (it had 8000 messages in it):

6. On attempting to clean my house for our European visitors, Part One:

7. On attempting to clean my house for our European visitors, Part Two:

8. On attempting to clean my house for our European visitors, Part Three:

9. On driving across the prairies, Part One:

10. On driving across the prairies, Part Two:


What’s an update from your corner of the world?


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    I love it. Well no not the trials and tribulations but definitely your humorous twist (I like to think laughter was invented for moms to see them through a childs amazing ability to think and act creatively. As in “you did what?”

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    But can William stick his tongue up to his nose hairs AND have weird-but-true books in his underwear at the same time?

    If so, it’s definitely not too early for you to drink.

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    Too funny Leanne! I can only imagine the blog fodder I would have gotten from my two now 20 and 22!
    Update: Finished a dance youtube video for my Use Me and Abuse Me day and yes it is even more humiliating. My blog filters are getting thinner and thinner! Hahaha!

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    Things I’ve learned from reading this list: (1) Will is a very lucky boy to have Vivian do his time out for him. (2) You crack me up. Love the part about you being a “scouring ninja” and that being one of the Signs of the Apocalypse.

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    Tech is in camp for 9 days now, and hasn’t written a single letter. Am slowly dying. Come write him a quick note if you get a moment (my current blog post.)! He totally needs some irony from Auntie Leanne.

    And I’m in the Florida house. And it’s starting to be awesome. Now that there are beds. Squeeee!

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    Update: My wife is starting week 36. We’re almost there! On Saturday, we went to an all day Lamazze class. It was…enlightening. I’ll put it this way: There are some things you can’t unsee.

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    Brother trips over sidewalk (moments after warning his 4-year-old son to be careful or else he will fall and get hurt), breaking two bones in his ankle and foot that will require hardware and at least 2 surgeries.

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    I have to renew my driving license today, and I’m thinking about memorizing all the sight chart I can google. Damn lazy eye.

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    Brilliant way to update! I love it. (My daughter has not thought of doing a time out for her older brother yet, but she would for sure do that if it occurred to her!)

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    I was pretty happy to Tweet this yesterday (although I felt semi-bad for the guy with this tattoo): “Just saw this tattoo: ‘Never To Late.’ Actually dude, I’m sorry, but now it is.”

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    Ha! Too funny. I think the ONLY way some houses get cleaned -not that I’m speaking from experience here- is when company is coming. European company, though… does that call for anything extra? Do you string the hose through the bathroom window and call it a bidet?

    I wish I had a twin to do time out for me. And by time out I mean go to work.

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