4 Updates That Prove I’m a Crazy Canadian


Almost made me want another one. Then I sneezed and peed a bit.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of guest posting at Kevin Haggerty’s blog, The Isle of Man. Kevin and his wife Kim just had a baby. In honour of that, I got their son’s name wrong three times in the post; this is not a Canadian pastime but may become one. My piece is a ridiculous conversation I had with Cleverbot. Check it out, and wish Kevin and Kim congratulations.


Cleverbot and Where Babies Come From


Meanwhile, Vivian and William had a conversation about making babies. I captured it on Facebook:



My brother and his family were in Calgary for a week. I tweeted this sad fact:

My Texan blogging friend, Kelly, came to stay for a week. We went to Lake Louise, hiked up to Lake Agnes (correction: she hiked, I heaved), and drank tea overlooking a wondrous vista (I may have talked to Germans about wishing the tea were beer). We hiked down, went to eat in Banff where I nearly ordered a pb&j burger, and then took my kids to Elbow Falls the next day.


3. On yesterday, an I’m-going-freaking-crazy day



4. On Reader’s Digest

I am humbled to be one of Reader’s Digest Top 10 Mommy Bloggers in Canada in the September 2012 issue.

It’s an honour to appear with so many talented bloggers. Check them all out here: Reader’s Digest Top Mommy Bloggers.


What’s new in your slice of Crazyville?


  1. says

    We also have fans and open windows. Love waking up and discovering that I’m freezing instead of sweating. But the lowest our house ever got in summer was 16 degrees. 11.9? That IS crazy! Congrats on the Reader’s Digest article. Very cool, and very deserved.

  2. says

    Um yeah. Having open windows and 5 degrees C sounds heavenly. I landed at 12:30 AM with the pilot greeting of: “Welcome to Austin. It’s about 86 degrees out now, with light winds.”

    After midnight. Quite the shock after a week with you, eh?

    Thanks for having me.

  3. says

    All I’m getting out of this is that you don’t sleep. Because how are you doing all this writing? And winning? While hanging out with Kelly? What am I missing? Are you no longer feeding the twins?

    Get ready for school, Shirtsleeves.

  4. says

    Congratulations on being one of the ten loudest bloggers – is that what it said?

    BTW, I hope you took Kelly to Moraine Lake, too. With its ten peaks, I think it’s much prettier than Lake Louise.

  5. says

    Congrats on the Reader’s Digest spread! (And you are indeed hilarious…)

    Crazyville? Say what? Oh, might the teens-round-the-clock Appearance and Disappearance Act qualify? I’m currently drowning my disorientation in my Shoe Obsession… Does that count?

  6. Kat says

    Congratulation on being named to Reader’s Digest Top Ten list. Also I hope you hand out tuques to guests because 11.9 degrees?!? I like it cool, but that’s straying into brisk.

  7. says

    Lake Louise. Ah. I became engaged on a mountain not far from that teahouse, tho hubby would probably have traded me in for beer after that hike!

    Congrats on your mention.

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