My Manuscript: an update and an excuse

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you likely heard that I landed an agent and a book deal. Apparently this means I have to write a book.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s mostly written. It’s just that the 60,000 words are a bit staccato right now, and I’d like them to be un-staccato.*

To increase my chances of not disappointing my wonderful editor, I’ve put my kids in day camp for the week, and I’ve volunteered my husband to do all the cooking. I am in revision mode. I’m going into a bunker in an attempt to de-staccato this book and up-the-funny, as they say somewhere. Or not.

In the next week, you won’t hear much from me. But please pop over to a blog I co-run, The hilarious Chase McFadden and I collect hilarious writing that kids do. The motto of Stuff Kids Write is “Like stuff adults write. But funnier.” Websites like Babble, HuffPo, BuzzFeed, and NickMom have picked up our pieces.

Like stuff adults write. But funnier.

See you in seven.


*Mom, you were right. I should have taken another year of organ lessons.


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    I can-not-believe I almost know someone famous…err soon to be. Woo Hoo! I’ll take 2 when the book comes out. Oh, have I mentioned I’m incognito? (Lucy) I’ll miss you. Good luck and happy revision trails or paper trails or trail mix.

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    Hey Leanne. Thanks for giving me the little push I needed to start my own blog about divorcing and leaving the kids in the family home while the parents go back and forth. I did it!! It’s really basic and I have no idea what I’m doing but hey…just trying to get the word out there. Advocate for kids by day, rock singer by night. Check it out at kidsfirstdivorce.

    Thanks again for your encouragement!!!

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    Of course I knew about the book deal. If I forgot to say it, or haven’t chimed in with a warm congratulations, my apology. You are so deserving. I have a hard time believing the manuscript is staccato, but like all writers, you want to put your best pen forward. Regardless, I look forward to reading more posts when you have time, but can hardly wait for the finished novel. Wonderful!

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    You landed an agent and a book deal?
    I’m truly happy for you, you deserve all the success in the world… But my own self-publishing career has flamed right out! I’ve just started, but NO ONE beyond the Niagara region seems to give a damn about me or my work.
    By the way, The Bellman Chronicles will be free to download Sept. 10 – 11, if you want to check it out.

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