A Comical Chat with Kids about Marriage

All four of us are sitting in the living room, doing our own things. That means my husband is doing the New York Times crossword, William is playing with Lego, I am on my iPad, and Vivian is doing cartwheels trying to get someone to notice her.

I’m skimming some content on Flipboard–my latest app obsession–when William looks toward his dad.

Will asks him, “How long have you and Mom been married?”

“Twelve years,” my husband replies. He pauses, aware I’m listening, and adds, “Twelve of the most wonderful years of my life.”

Vivian stops tumbling. “I thought you said university was the most wonderful years of your life,” she adds.

“No,” my husband corrects her. “I said university was the most fun I ever had. There’s a difference.”

Vivi asks, “What’s the difference?”

My husband looks at me and says, “That’s all I’m going to say on that subject. Before I dig myself in any deeper.”

He’s learned. Kind of.

What were the best and/or the most fun years of your life?
Feel free to differentiate between the two descriptors.


  1. says

    Between serious boyfriend of 5 years and husband, there was an 8 month gap during which time I lived in my own apartment, had regular Thursday night TV plans (Seinfeld & Meltose Place) with my downstairs neighbor, went dancing every Saturday night at a cheesy club, went out to dinner with anyone who asked, fooled around with a Navy Seal, dumped the Navy Seal.

    I could go on.

    I felt like I could do anything.

    I loved living alone, decorating my own space, not cleaning up after anyone else, sleeping in my own bed.

    I knew my apartment was crappy, that isquirrels lived in my closet. Whatever.

    It was mine.

    I was dangerously free.

  2. says

    Fun question.

    My knee-jerk answer would be that university was the most fun, but I also look back on that time with a lot of anguish. So really, the most fun would have been the 2-3 years right after university, when I was earning a (meager) living, still partying it up with friends, and starting to really construct my adult identity.

    Best years? Again, the knee-jerk answer is not the correct one. Without reflection, I would have chirped, “the 10 years of my marriage”, but after very brief examination, I’ll say instead that the BEST years were between 2000 and 2005. During that time, I met my husband, married, bought a house, and had our two children. Everything since has been pretty great, but in terms of epic awesome, I’d narrow it down to that half-decade.

  3. says

    I won’t say which was the best or the funniest, cuz i’d end up offending someone (who surely won’t read this but hey, you can never be too safe). I’ll just go for the year that I remember with most pleasure (probably ’cause it was the best AND the funniest): I’ve lived with three friends during last year of university and it was intense. Tons of fun, a few discussions, random randomness. No excesses though, so no heavy drinking or coming home late, just pure genuine fun (and study, too, we were good guys). Lots happened, both in comedy and drama. Won’t trade that year for anything!

  4. Marlene says

    I know you didn’t ask for crossword answers but I can’t resist a crossword:
    1. Twenty
    2. Twelve
    3. Marriage
    The best and funniest years are really right now. My kids are old enough to laugh with us and do fun stuff. I’m old enough to no longer care what anybody else thinks when we do crazy stuff. And we finally have a house I like living in. Loving it all!

  5. says

    Since a custody award prevented my daughter from living with me from age five to fifteen, I’d say the two high school years and three college years she lived with me were the best. I even loved all the crazy teenage girls she ran around with. Her senior class annual says everyone in the class called me “Pa.”

  6. says

    Those first years out of college were definitely the most fun. you finally have some income and nothing to spend it on except rent, bars, etc. Whenever someone asks me how many years I’ve been married I answer, “two……………. too many!” Ha jokingly of course! We will celebrate our 20th anniversary this November!

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