My Weekend, by the numbers

Sometimes it’s better to let the numbers do the talking. Here, then, is my weekend, by the numbers.

2: Geocaches Vivian, William, and I found

0: Geocaches we’d searched for before this weekend

2: nights I was asleep before 10 p.m.

8: Times I asked Vivian to brush her hair

2: Mornings Vivian stole my iPhone to play Zombie Run while I slept

1: Time William told me he wanted another mom

2: Glasses of wine I had at Chop Steakhouse

3: Times I spoke on the phone to my mom

1: Time I squealed when I found out my mom booked a plane ticket to Calgary

12: Times I wished I were my sister parading around Amsterdam

This is what I look like mid blink.

23: People I spoke to as host of Toyota Canada’s “The Right Vehicle To Fit My Family’s Needs,” not counting the cute Toyota boys from Toronto

2: Number of times my husband told me I was sexy when I was rehearsing my Toyota presentation, using phrases like four-wheel-drive, dynamic stability control, and size matters.

1: Time #ToyotaLove trended in Canada

14: Times I sweated about revising my DON’T LICK THE MINIVAN manuscript

1: Time we entertained our college-aged nephew (who won the U21 Canadian National Beach Volleyball Championships last month)

How was your weekend (or week), by the numbers?


    • says

      I told that story to the Toyota head office guy and one of the cute Toronto boys. Their mouths were agape, especially when I told them when didn’t get it repainted. “That would cost $4000,” one said.

  1. Karin says

    So glad you discovered geocaching! My family & I love it – mostly because we can’t think of stuff to do as a family, so we just find geocaches instead.

  2. says

    Go Toyota and half-blinks!
    I am winning a monster Tundra at the end of the Rockies season. You can see it during the games. It is on a high pedestal next to the score board.

  3. says

    Here goes my weekend in numbers:
    1: Dropped the new fish on the counter
    8: Complained it was too hot
    6: Swatted and killed flies in my house
    2: My hubby said I love you
    10: Times I heard calls for mommy
    1: Cat nap
    4: Times of breaking up a fight over a toy
    0: Thoughts of loneliness
    2: Trips to PetSmart for the new fish
    1: My kids pleading: “Save the fish, mom!”

  4. says

    oh my goodness – SUCH a cute idea… you don’t want to know the number of times I asked Saige to ‘leave her brother alone’ this week – I should just record myself and put it on loop.
    found your blog via Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs… how I haven’t found you sooner is beyond me.
    you are ha-larious.

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