Celebrating My Funny Readers: An Invite

This is my 399th post. Over the past two years, I cannot tell you how many times my readers (you!) have made me laugh in the comments. I regularly spew chai on my keyboard and think, “I wish I’d thought of that.”

If you don’t believe me, check out the comments on these posts:

See? Hilarious. So are the readers of my Facebook page.

Click the picture (you can do this by scratching my eye or picking my nose with your cursor) and you’ll go to my Facebook Page.

To celebrate the hilarity of my readers, I’m going to start using my Ironic Mom Facebook Page as a place to showcase the funny, especially other people’s funny.

Each day I’m going to pose a question of varying ridiculousness, and watch as my readers take it away. Because y’all are funn-eh.

Are you ready to come along? Come on over. Invite your friends. “Like” the page. Stay for awhile. Spew your coffee or wine all over your keyboard.

See you there.