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    Great pic!! We have been talking about pets too. My last partner didn’t “agree” with them. I want to get a rabbit and a couple of chickens. I loved having pets as a child. My favorite was my cat and dogs but I loved my chooks and ducks too. Tired this week. School holidays and just moved house.

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    I am a firm believer in laughing at/with/around/and sometimes for the husband, kids and, mostly, myself.

    Great picture; kids do have a great eye when it comes to their moms.

    My favourite drawing was when my daughter was much younger, after a particularly volatile disagreement with her, which gave me horns and declared me “meaner than the devil”. I have since lost the picture but, even after 15 years, still remind her of the title from time to time. Because I think it is hilarious.

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    Nicely done! My week has consisted of one failure after another; I’m about ready to throw in the writing towel!
    But the fight continues. Thanks for lifting my spirits with your warmth and humor…

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