How To Use Zombies To Make Twitter Come Alive

Last night, I was revising my manuscript when I needed help. Not 9-1-1 help, at least not at that point. What I needed to know was what the collective noun for zombies was. So I did some crowd sourcing on Twitter.

And, let me tell you, if you want Twitter to come alive, tweet a question about zombies. There was little agreement in the beginning.

And then some more:

And more still:

Eventually the expert weighed in. Clay Morgan (@UndeadClay) just released a book. It’s zombie nonfiction: UNDEAD: Revived, Resuscitated, Reborn.

Some confirmation:

And some fun:

I was somewhat flabbergasted by the attention my original tweet garnered, so I posted this on Facebook. And people had some fun with it:

Time to create some more collective nouns in the comments.

What would you call:

a group of teachers on Monday morning?
a group of writers?
a group of exhausted parents?
a group of children hyped up on sugar?


  1. says

    How about parents who think their kids are THE best at everything? A braggart of parents?

    As of this moment, I fit into 3 of the 4 categories. What do you do with that? I might just go out looking for a shambling herd of zombies to eat my brains. 😉

  2. rgerryts says

    I’m going to go with:
    A straggle of teachers.
    An air of writers.
    A fuming of parents.
    A stubborn of children.

  3. says

    My DH, who does not comment on my blog (though he does on Knox McCoy’s), wants me to add his answers:
    • a groan of teachers
    • an ego of writers
    • a stupor of parents
    • a bounce of children.

  4. says

    This is way too hard for a non-english speaker. But I have to thank you ’cause I finally understood what “murder of crows” means. It’s included in a song by Sting and I always wondered if he had some traumatic experience with crows as a kid, for calling them murderers.

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