Manuscript Bloopers

I made it.

I sent my full manuscript of DON’T LICK THE MINIVAN: Things I Never Thought I’d Say As a Parent to my editor. That’s 60,834 words, a few of which might be funny.

I’ve had brilliant Beta readers, second readers who give you feedback on your manuscript. My Betas are mentioned in the Acknowledgements, which I’ve yet to write.

I’ve also had my husband read it. Most people don’t have their spouse edit their writing. I figure that since my guy is a main character in my memoir, he should have the opportunity to read it. Plus, he’s a librarian and a ruthless editor himself.

So, my husband read it. And critiqued it.

And was honest.

Like all good Beta readers, his criticism was meant lovingly. And he was right. Most of the time.

The best thing a Beta can tell you (just ask my wonderful Wordbitches, Trish Loye Elliott and Elena Aitken) is to “do better.”

But back to my husband’s critique.

My favourite parts of it were two sentence errors he caught, both of which we laughed about. A lot.

Here they are, two of my manuscript bloopers in their unedited glory:

“I came into the room to find my husband *signing* the Hallelujah Chorus.”


“I stood and the door of our bedroom asked my husband…”

I can see cartoons of both of the errors.

I can’t wait to see what zingers my editor and the copyeditor find. Or maybe I can. After the dream I had last night about a horrific review of my book, I’m not sure I could Handel* it.

The other blooper I often make orally is this. I confuse the new title (Don’t Lick the Minivan) with the old title (Get That Train Off Your Penis). I’ll let you figure this one out.

Now I’m off to talk to the door in my bedroom about my concerns.

* Apologies for the worst pun ever.


  1. says

    I hate to tell you, but after the book is published, you are still going to find errors. It is a fact of life!! An annoying fact of life. I write local hisoty books and I find at least one every time a book is published. This is after I read it a dozen times, Hubby reads it, at least one other person reads it, the copy editor reads it….Congrats on getting the book done! I don’t know how you do it and hold down another job too!

  2. says

    So proud of you for making deadline.

    I would have been a bad beta because I think you are always funny. Even when the door is talking and you are just standing around.

    Next book, I call copy edits. 😉

    *raising a glass to you* May your children continue to lick the minivan!

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