What My Kids Think of My Blog’s Motto

It’s been a while since my eight-year-old twins looked at my blog. Last night, they saw the header with my motto clearly displayed.

They joked about the injustice of my blog’s motto, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh at your kids.”

So I interviewed them.

Here is a two-minute slice of my life.

You may have noticed four things:

  1. Vivian went first, cementing her role as the child who’s constantly trying to make up for the fact that she was born second, ultimately losing the race out of the womb. She attempted to gain some ground my starting her interview off with a Western drawl.
  2. Will stayed in character as Foghorn Leghorn.
  3. I was the exhausted mom who had very little control over my children or my Canadian accent.
  4. My husband was absent for the fray. It was Thursday night, which meant he was watching NFL and NBA games while searching weird things on his phone. And some people say men can’t multitask. (His search term history is below. I may have suggested he look up “callimammapygian.”)

Go on. Tell me. What weird stuff is in your search history?


  1. says

    I have such a wild list! The weirdest one yesterday was “Karen Tomosky.” Who the hell is that? Do you know Karen? Is she hiding out in my blog somewhere?
    Your kids are hilarious! Be careful. I bet they will start a blog before you know it! Hahaha!

  2. says

    I don’t care about my search history. Right now, I am LAUGHING in a car in Florida after hearing Will’s impression of Foghorn Leghorn. Shirtsleeves, the proof is in the pudding. That kid got that from you. And Vivi got a pretty good Bazinga on you, too! :)

  3. says

    I can’t get the link to work, darn it. But am laughing at your DH’s search list, especially that last one. Too funny.

    Weirdly, I get a TON of traffic from people Google searching “Algonquin Park” and “Ashton Drake” dolls.

  4. says

    Odd search strings? I get heaps of them. Just this weekend I got: “is any concept of physics- magnetism in the book the hobbit by j.r.r. tolkien” (weird!) and “mj seat it” (que?). The weirdest of all time has to be “Polymoog ribbon controller”. Gary Numan had one, I believe.

  5. Jay Holmes says

    Hi Leann. I have two MALE teen sons. I will spare us both the indignity of checking their search histories. When it comes to their personal lives my ignorance of their bliss is my bliss.

  6. says

    That’s terrific – what a great way to end my lunch break! I think I’d love babysitting your kids, but I have a feeling that we’d all somehow end up in trouble when you got home and I’d never be asked back again :)

  7. says

    Ha! Will reminds me so much of my almost-9-year-old nephew (who does a killer British accent and I’m totally jealous)! And I haven’t told you this yet – but I love the new (okay, new-ish) banner!

    I heart my search terms so much. Right now I’m giggling over “pig slapping.”

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