The Worst Toys of 2012: The Gross Award

Welcome to the eighth installment and the penultimate post of The Worst Toys of 2012

Today, I am giving out The Gross Award. This stomach-turning award is given to a toy that would give a toddler or a great-grandparent nightmares.

It gives me near-sadistic pleasure to present the 2012 Gross Award to The Walking Dead RV Zombie action figure.

While in my local toy store, I found the RV Zombie across from a menagerie of stuffed animals that sing. Part of me was hoping Mr. RV would escape his packaging and put an end to the saccharine versions of It’s a Small World After All.

Top 5 Reasons This Toy Amuses Me But Would Be a Sucky Gift for My 8-Year-Old Twins

  1. If you look carefully underneath the “RV Zombie” label on the packaging, you will see the doll has “neck snapping action.”
  2. Yes, the head does kind of rip off.
  3. The man/zombie/thingie has a knife in his eye. And I grew up thinking the pinky-promise chant was “poke a needle in your eye.”
  4. The RV Zombie action figure is for ages 13 and up. My husband, who is more than 3x this minimum-recommended age, wants to collect the whole set. For himself.
  5. RV Zombie might make me and my kids too scared to enter the Ironic Mom Tour Bus.

Fetch, Zombie, Fetch

Do you watch The Walking Dead?
What’s the scariest show/movie you’ve seen?


      • says

        I just finished reading the newest book last night, and it reminded me of how brutal, gory, and sometimes disturbing this series can get. I haven’t watched the show since the first season, so I don’t know how closely they are able to follow the books. But I don’t let my 17-year-old read the books, and he’s read some Stephen King.

        Just a word of warning. The story gets beyond messed up at times. Don’t get me wrong, I love these books, but I wouldn’t recommend them to people who get offended easily or have a weak stomach. :)

  1. says

    I had to briefly give up “The Walking Dead” due to nightmares and I am a grown woman who will not state her age ok, it’s 35. This toy would give me nightmares for sure.

  2. says

    And I used to think collecting the Garbage Pail Kid cards was pretty gross. This is on a whole new level! No thanks. And if hubby wants to bring these monstrosities into my home, he’ll find out just how strong my veto power can get…LOL!

  3. says

    Geez…that’s a great toy for young kids. Brilliant idea. My 5 year old son would have a panic attack over seeing this. My 2 year old would probably add the whole collection to his list.

  4. says

    I do watch the Walking Dead and did start to feel true fear of a zombie apocalypse during hurricane Sandy (what does salt water do to subway rats? Dude, I do not want to know.). The biggest problem I have with the toy is that if it had a knife in the eye, the zombie shouldn’t still be walking. Duh, freaky toy maker, duh.

  5. says

    This show has numbed me so much to zombies that when I take the trash out at night I almost expect to see stray walkers loping about. I usually have to sleep with the light on a dim setting after watching anything even remotely scary with my husband, but this show doesn’t bother me.

    The toy itself doesn’t bother me that much, but to share an isle with singing stuffed animals?? That’s messed up!

  6. says

    Ickkkk. I’m mostly scared of everything. Seriously the last Shrek movie and a neighbor boy’s bed sheet ghost costume creeped me out. This, the brains and knife in the eye and all, is too much.

  7. says

    Yuck! I also have to wonder what’s wrong with our imagination. Why buy a zombie doll when your child could be making fake blood with a little cornstarch, corn syrup, water, and red food coloring? Grab a play knife and the fake blood, and your kids can actually act out scenes from The Walking Dead. That’s healthy fun, right? :/

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