How Dinosaurs Trash Talk

My eight-year-old twins know how to trash talk. I blame their father, the man also known as my husband. So far, our kids only trash talk when they’re in character, most recently as plastic toy dinosaurs who were having a Jurassic showdown.

Dinosaur Trash Talk

William held Stegosaurus; Vivian gripped Allosaurus. They bashed them together and trash talked.

Vivian (Allosaurus): “Hey, Stegosaurus, those plates make you look fat.’

William (Stegosaurus): “So what. You’re naked.”

Vivian (Allosaurus): “You couldn’t hurt a fly.”

William (Stegosaurus): “Oh, yeah, pencil neck?”

Good to know they’re working on their drama skills.

How was your weekend? Any drama? Any trash talk?


  1. says

    “Hey, T-rex! A kitten called – he wants his arms back!”
    “Oh really, stegosaurus? Maybe you better let the brain in your tail write your insults! The one in your head’s too stupid!”

    Apparently I have the same maturity level as your kids…

  2. says

    No drama, no trash talk, but there was the cutest little kid dropping the f-bomb Saturday.

    He was two years old, long golden hair that ended in curls, blue eyes, just the right amount of chub, and eye lashes that you could see from 10 feet away. This kid should be in pictures.

    It was a family party, and the kid (we’ll call him Aiden) was running around and shouting off all of the words in his vast vocab. When Aiden got to the word “fork”, silence filled the room.

    It Aiden-talk, the “or” sound is a very distinct “u” sound. Golden-haired Aiden says “fork”, much to his parent’s dismay, and the entire gathering errupts in laughter. Aiden realized he had said something funny and ran around repeating the fork-bomb for the next few minutes.

    TOO much fun!

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