Christmas Carols and Bacon: a new tradition

Aren't Jules's ornaments awesome?

Aren’t Jules’s ornaments awesome?

Earlier this week, funny blogger Go Jules Go showed us her homemade, bacon-inspired Christmas tree ornaments.

This got me thinking, which is a dangerous pursuit the week before Christmas.

We really need to rewrite some Christmas carols in honour of bacon.


I’ll start:

Deck the halls with pounds of bacon…

Joy to the Bacon

Silent Night, Sizzling Bacon

Now, I turn it over to you, my funny readers. Go have some fun in the comments. Add “bacon” to other Christmas carols. Be the Bacon-ator.


  1. says

    Oooh. I love seeing that picture with the snow falling over it! Thanks for the sizzling shout-out, LeAnne!

    And I know this isn’t a Christmas carol, but it’s the first thing that popped into mind: “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Fat” and then the part where Sweet Brown says, “Smells like someone was bar-be-cuein’!” you add, “BACON!”

    No? Is no one else hearing this?

  2. says

    ♪ “On the first day of Christmas, my piggy gave to me, bacon that was yummy!” ♪

    ♪ “Hark the bacon angels sing,”♪ (what beautiful noise they would make)

    ♪ “I saw Mommy licking bacon strips….” ♪

  3. says

    Bacon is ridculously popular right now, which is ironic (like how i worked your namesake in there?) considering the experts have predicted a bacon shortage will occur next year…
    Great new holiday tradition, Leanne!

  4. says

    Let’s not exclude another major religion also celebrating an important holiday at this time of year. How about “Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah – With Ba-a-a-con!”.

    OK, what’s wrong? What’d I say? What?

  5. goodnight55 says

    This has made me giggle….. how about the 12 Days of Bacon (or at least pork related products).

    5 pigs in blankets
    4 streaky rashers
    3 pork chops
    2 bacon butties
    and a pork scratching in a pear tree!

  6. says

    If I ever stop laughing about all of these, I may try a few verses myself. *wiping tears*
    May I respectfully add:

    Rockin’ Around The Bacon Pan

    We Wish You Some Crispy Bacon

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