The 10 Worst Christmas Songs. Ever.

I know. It’s Christmas Eve. Maybe I should put away the sass.

After all, I’m sipping a cup of tea, warm from the -25C temps outside, and listening to Christmas music I like (Thank you, Matt Andersen, for recording the best ever version of O Holy Night).


Before you think I’ve started scrapbooking or baking or making a dish that has more than five ingredients, feel free to hop over to the Huffington Post for my latest blog post, complete with some extra snark. Just click this link:

Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs. Ever.

And now, with the sass aside, I’m going to steal the words of my friend Lloyd Rang,

May this holiday season fill you with peace. May you be surrounded by love. And may you find joy.


  1. says

    “The Christmas Shoes” should be played 24/7 at prisons. Then, maybe, someone would regret his/her actions and vow to become a better human being. Then again, maybe the Bieber would be a better choice.

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