Book Update: Alphabetical Awesomeness

Don't Lick the Minivan coverYesterday, I discovered that Skyhorse Publishing’s Spring/Summer catalog is out.

My book, which releases May 1, is in there.

I love Skyhorse’s eclectic offerings.

You may remember that when I signed with them last June, I searched their recent deals in Publisher’s Marketplace. I was sandwiched between some quirky titles:

Skyhorse Deals

Well, now that Skyhorse’s Spring/Summer catalog is out, I am pleased to note that, alphabetically, I am once again amongst some awesome books. Take a look:

Skyhorse Catalog Index

Ode to found humour.

Feel free to make up any other “D” titles you think my book she be among. 

Any found humor in your life these days?


  1. says

    If I wrote a book, surely it would find a place among the D-list. I’m thinking something along the lines of “Don’t know why you eat my food: Recipes for Sudden Disaster.”

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