Love Is When…

This morning I received a Facebook message from a good friend. She’s making Valentine’s Day ornaments for her staying-up-all-year Christmas tree, and she wants her friends to send her their answer to the sentence starter, “Love is…”

My first thought was this:

Love Is When

Then I thought of my hilarious readers.
Help me out.
Fill in the sentence, Love is…


  1. says

    Love is when you will defend your friend, even when they’re wrong, then clean up their blood, and vomit, after you laugh at them for getting their ass kicked.

  2. says

    Love is patient, love is kin…oh for God’s sake do you think you could NOT leave your disgusting stinky socks in the EXACT middle of the floor just once that’s all I’m asking ONCE would it be so hard for you do that one thing I mean we have three hampers in this house THREE and I’m the only one around here who seems to understand what a HAMPER is let me clue you in it’s where you’re SUPPOSED to put your disgusting filthy stinky awful socks I mean come ON people I am not your maid you treat me like your personal unpaid maid but I am NOT your maid GOOD LORD what is WRONG with you people!

    What were we talking about?

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    Wiping the same butt multiple times over a period of years. And being elated to do it the first few times it’s actually seated over a toilet. I guess love is also trusting someone enough to call them to wipe your butt multiple times. It’s a two-way street.

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    …finding a way to support and help someone (who is having a difficult time) when asked, even if it means a few things get rescheduled..

    …knowing a love language, and trying to reach out that way..

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    Love is….letting your husband be right sometimes (out loud and in your head), holding back the urge to poke fun at him because he said something ridiculous in the middle of a work day rant, and compassionately giving him soup, TLC, enabling his ‘man cold’ to trump whatever virus you have…..yeah…..I’m just not there yet….

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    Love is…emptying your beloved’s hospital bedpan, yanking the inexplicably long hair out of your beloved’s ear, not throwing out a 20-year-old adding machine (“because I might use it again someday”), paying the $200 vet bill for the stray cat your beloved is slowly adopting, happily putting up with each other’s crazy families. Yep, all things we’ve done in 20 years of marriage.

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    Tasting the creations one’s children create when left not-quite-unattended-but-close-due-to-a-Facebook-emergency in the kitchen. Swallowing those creation and saying “Mmm…delicious!” without throwing up.

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    Love is not only cleaning up the puke . . . but catching it in your hands as it is coming out. :-/

    Love is basically becoming a single mom when your husband has to travel almost the entire month of January, including a “for fun” trip to Vegas for 4 days, in which he brings home NO cash.

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