Do you love office supplies? Win $250 worth

Print123 GiveawayI love office supplies. They’re the reason I became a teacher.

I think my twins have inherited this love. Because when they were five or six (my memory is slipping), they robbed an office supply store. You’ll have to buy my book if you want the whole story (and so I can save for their therapy fund).


If you too love office supply stores, I have a giveaway for you. has graciously donated $250 to one of my lucky readers to spend at their awesome print site. This offer is open to Americans only. Yes, you readers who got all the good commercials during last night’s SuperBowl.



Don’t worry, my fellow Canadians, I’ll make it up to you in the upcoming weeks by having a give away for something that rhymes with Him Tortons.


In the comments below, tell me what you’d like to buy at Maybe it’s the business cards, maybe it’s a set of postcards you want to send to Canada, maybe it’s a set of wedding invitations for your fifth trip down the aisle.

I will choose a winner by selecting a comment that makes me laugh or by throwing a dart at my screen or by some other random method. Comments must be posted by 7pm EST next Sunday, February 10. If you’re the winner, I’ll notify you via email or by sending Colin Firth to your front door (U.S. residients only are eligible for the giveaway, due to legal restrictions and Colin Firth’s schedule). Good luck to y’all.

See you in the comments, eh?

(Note: I’ve drawn for the gift card and have emailed the winner.)


  1. says

    I start a whole new life tomorrow. So therefore I think I need at least one of every printed thing that goes with that. (Except the wedding stuff. The only thing I am not starting over is my marriage. It’s perfect the way it is.)

  2. says

    I also suffer from an office supply addiction, wait I’m not sure if you would call your love for office supplies an addiction but I do. I love those little post it notepads so much that I have acquired a very nice collection. My husband even gives me his post it notepads that are given to him from work. He knows what makes me happy! So as much as I would love to order $250 worth of notepads I would say that I would go with business cards, car magnets and a banner because who doesn’t want their own banner? Thank you and for hopefully funding my addiction to office supplies. 

  3. says

    I like how they put the numbers in order. . . 1, 2, 3. I assume this keeps going into double digits. If so, I could use some help teaching my four year old twins how to count. $250 should cover it. . .

  4. says

    I would like to buy fancy stationary on which I can write passionate letters to Him Tortons to please open stores in the U.S.

    Also resume paper. Because if I keep up this daytime blog commenting, I’m going to need to apply for a job there, too.

  5. says

    My 11-yr-old son & I are both addicted to office supplies!

    I like those little “Post-it Flags” – I have an aversion to writing in a book (especially a library book, which is probably a good aversion….), but I write ABOUT books, so I need those flags. Lots of flags. Flags by the hundreds.

    Also, pencil sharpeners. We can never seem to find a pencil sharpener that works in our house.

    Is it weird that I like to go to Staples for the sales the way other women go to Macy’s or Ann Taylor?

  6. says

    I am just bopping by to say hello. Hello. *wink wink* I do not need any more office supplies. THAT is how stocked up I am. It’s redinkadonk.

    And yet.

    One could always use some new address labels, couldn’t one? And some of those cute little Post-It notes? I can never get enough of those.

    But no. No. Give this one to someone else.


  7. says

    Labeling makes me giddy. That’s my weakness–label maker and label tape. I now have my son addicted too. For his Boy Scout first aid kit, he made sure to label it three times with “First Aid”–just in case the first two didn’t tip you off into realizing it was not lunch or a well-tucked inflatable raft in that box.

    But as a tribute to you, I would also look for maple leaf or hockey stick shaped note pads.

  8. says

    Does Liquid White-Out count as an office supply. I’m addicted to the smell of it. Sniff, Sniff. Also I need some post-it notes for my editor’s birthday coming soon. I think about $200.00 dollars worth should wrap her desk nicely in multicolored slips of paper. It would be a great birthday present for her.

  9. says

    My favorite time of year is when Office Depot (do you have those in Canada?) mails out their special “everything-you-can-fit-in-this-bag-is-10%-off” brown paper bags. I spend exorbitantly large amounts of time listing everything I need and then sitting in the middle of the aisle trying to fit it all into the bag. I have actually argued with a clerk about whether or not a rolled-up laminated calendar counted as being “IN the bag,” since it only fit halfway. I won. 😀

    That being said, I keep a blog about the hilarity of newlywed life at If I had $250 to, I would order window clings, stickers and t-shirts to help promote “Welcome to the Nut House.” I recently graduated with a degree in Public Relations, so I’d like to be able to apply those skills to my own blog brand and increase advertising and readership.

  10. says

    I’d probably buy $250 worth of business cards with pictures of my vagina on them and hand them out to people I don’t like. OR people I REALLY like. I haven’t decided yet. :)

  11. says

    I love office supplies. Nothing makes me happier than a trip down the paper and pen aisle at Walmart. Total. Nerd.

    I think I’d get a car magnet that says, “Four kids seemed like a good idea…and then I started teaching my oldest to drive.”

    Still, potty training was worse. Glad that’s over!

  12. says

    Hi Leanne! It’s your favorite American! As a teacher myself, I, too, love office supplies. When you choose me as a winner I will buy things for my classroom to help my very deserving students. Remember, teachers have to stick together! :)

  13. myteacherwritestoo says

    I am a retired teacher. Do you think loving office supplies is a prerequisite for being a good teacher? I do. I have four delightful grandchildren who always come to me for help with all school projects because, “grandma has all the stuff.” Well, the stuff is getting depleted so I could really use the $250.00 to replenish “the stuff”. I’m thinking glue sticks, staplers, tape, sticky notes, stickers, paper, card stock, markers, colored pencils, and my personal favorite, a huge box of brand new crayola crayons. I probably would also include ink cartridges for my printer, since some of the projects use word processing, clip art or templates of some kind. Some of the money may go to buy storage boxes, too. I never seem to have enough shoeboxes around for the dioramas. Needless to say this “TEACHERGRANDMA” is still an office supply junkie even though I am retired.

  14. says

    I love love love love LOVE (did I mention love?) office supplies. I work in an office, and I may or may not pilfer a few packs of paper, white out and pens every week. Sadly, my office only stocks those boring yellow post-its, so I have to go elsewhere for my post-it addiction. Would you be a dear and pick me so I can buy cute post-its, thus saving me from getting fired and/or prosecuted for theft? That would be pretty rad. And besides, I’d prefer not to go to prison. Bright orange is not my color.

  15. Terri Moore says

    I like the Large Rubber stamp for return addresses. By the time I hit the 12th Christmas card my handwriting is illegible. I also depend on a large wall calendar as my command center, or I won’t remember anything.

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