The 20 Worst Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Worst Valentine's Day Gifts

A couple of months ago, I asked the Ironic Mom Facebook community what the worst gifts were that they’d ever received.

Given that Valentine’s Day is next week, I’m going to declare these the 20 worst gifts you could give your beloved on February 14th.

1. Worst Gift 9


Worst Gift 20


Worst Gift 6


Worst Gift 5


Worst Gift 4


Worst Gift 3


Worst Gift 12


Worst Gift 7


Worst Gift 8


Worst Gift 10


Worst Gift 2


Worst Gift 13


Worst Gift 14


Worst Gift 15


Worst Gift 18


Worst Gift 17


Worst Gift 21


Worst Gift 16


Worst Gift 1


Worst Gift 19

Which gifts do you think are the worst?
What is the worst gift you’ve ever received (or given)?


  1. Sandra Sobko says

    A white Persian cat stuffie. Unfortunately not long enough to strangle him with it. Whatever symbolism it held was lost on me and I gave him the boot shortly after.

  2. says

    Our first Valentine’s as a married couple, I was pregnant (came home from the honeymoon with more than a souvenir Eiffel Tower.) As a newlywed, I still hoped for a little romance. I got a teapot, some little jars of jam and an apron. And he invited his single brother over for dinner. As I ran upstairs in tears (hormones) I heard my brother-in-law say to my husband, “Jeez, do you think maybe we should have offered to order in?”

    You would think that was the worst gift ever. Nope. Not even close. And sadly, twenty-years later, I still use that apron.

  3. says

    A box of chocolates and long-stemmed red roses. Now I know that doesn’t sound bad, but they were from my Dad – who had never given me a Valentine’s gift. I had been diagnosed with cancer two months earlier and given 6 months to live. When I got the gift I knew my Dad thought I was going to die. But I’m still around 17 years later – and I’ve never received another Valentine’s gift from my Dad. Which I’m fine with :)

  4. says

    i once re proposed on Valentines Day while on vacation in the Caribbean.. I even had her ring, pretend to be fixed and sized up with a larger diamond. She laughed at me and then got upset and wanted her original ring back. I’m sticking to chocolate from now on!

  5. says

    Five year anniversary. I got Sham Wow towels. My make up gift was the DVD of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. You have to flip the DVD over halfway through the movie to continue watching. No joke.

  6. Toni New says

    I was living by MYSELF and going to University. My boyfriend (now husband) bought me a Corelle Dutch Oven. Thank goodness the gifts got better and I have now used the dutch oven when we have company for supper!!

  7. says

    Hahahahaha so funny and so thankful I am blessed with a terrific gift giver for a husband. These were too good.

    However one year my grandma gave me some batteries and a 4 pack roll of film for christmas..except she had opened the film and taken one of the rolls out then taped the package back together.

  8. kris says

    My MIL gave me for for our first anniversary a crock pot, a nice one.. when I got it home my husband told me that was one of his “wedding gifts”. He was engaged prior and the wedding was called off just days before. Not everyone was notified of the cancellation on such short notice and gifts arrived to his home. Needless to say, I kept the crock pot, and held on to the fact I knew until recently, we laughed about it, and she said it was meant for me anyway, shes done way better since then, but that’s one for the books.

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