You Know You’re an Optimist If You…

funny mom

…you believe you can bake cookies without shards of glass

This Monday, I present to you:

The Flippant Parent’s Guide to Optimism

You know you’re an optimist if you…

  1. Get out of bed on Monday morning. Or any other morning.
  2. Let your child use glitter.
  3. Believe that your children will one day move out of your house.
  4. Think your laundry bin is half empty.
  5. See an empty wine glass as an opportunity to open another bottle.

Your turn: 
What would you add to The Flippant Parent’s Guide to Optimism?


  1. MummyOfSeven says

    ….if you really think your teens will do their laundry/dishes/tidy their room/bathe (need I go on?) without being reminded a bajillion times.

  2. says

    You’re an optimist if you assume the silence in your children’s bedroom means they are playing together well…or at least that no emergency personnel will be required to clean up the mess.

  3. says

    Feel like you won the lottery when there is enough 2-day-old coffee left in the coffee maker for a morning pick-me-up. (I swear that didn’t happen this morning. Heh.)

  4. says

    You know you’re an optimist if you…
    – think “his/her teacher wants to have a word with you” just to tell you how proud you shoud be
    – are sure that an F in maths means he/she is gonna be an amazing artist
    – look at the shining sun and hope his/her football/soccer uniform won’t be muddy, this time.

  5. Elena Aitken says

    Umm..I just need to know if that picture is of cookie dough on the floor. Because that is a tragic waste of cookie dough. So sad….

    Also, you know you’re an optimist if you believe her when your daughter who comes down the stairs wearing ALL white says, “I won’t get dirty today, Mom. There’s no mud, it’s covered in snow.”

    Uh huh…

  6. says

    You know you’re an optimist if you… expect your child to not be working on the weekend’s homework assignment ten minutes before they leave for school.

  7. Heather says

    You know your an optimist when you look at the laundry and think it will clean it self. Along with your children will be more then happy to clean the apt and not make more work for you. *sigh*

  8. says

    You know you’re an optimist when…

    The little computer in your car’s dashboard calculates there is only 27 miles of gas left in the tank, but you drive past an exit sign that cautions the next gas is 50 miles down the road because this exit doesn’t have a Sonic.

    Thank god for AAA! :-(

  9. alittlelessfluff says

    you’re optimistic if you think that your planned “I’ll get up early enough to do everything and get to work on time” theory is actually going to work on a Monday.

  10. says

    If you believe your children’s grandparents will stop giving you advice because your such a good parent.
    If you believe the water never gets wasted during the 10 min hand washing.
    If you believe this is the bath time where your 6 year old won’t freak out when you wash his hair.
    If you believe you will only need one hat and set of gloves THIS winter.
    If you believe someone else will walk the dog at 6 am or 11 pm.

  11. says

    If you believe that THIS is the year that you will be able to pay all of your bills and have money left over to buy furniture.
    If you believe that tonight will be the night you won’t have to scold your children at dinner, and that they will clean their plates without any prompting.
    If you believe that wine is good for you, even if it’s white.
    If you believe that you have time after work to stop at the store, then the gas station, then the liquor store, and then get home to make dinner for the kids.

  12. says

    You know you are an optimist if…. you think that helping your children with homework is a great learning opportunity.
    ….you think that housework is a great form of exercise.

  13. says

    I think some of these comments are as good as the post! Here’s my daily optimism “If you believe the baby will stay asleep if you lay her down in her crib so that you can get some work done”

  14. says

    “If you decide to see the slices of cheese sticking to the back door window as a beautiful mosaic…as opposed to slices of cheese sticking to the back door window. And then you pluck them off and eat them.” True story. I think I’m pretty good at this optimism stuff. :) LOVE this blog. I found you at Mom’s New Stage’s linkup. Great stuff!

  15. says

    You know you are an optimist if you think your young adult child will raise their children with values and without all their weird ways of seeing life!

  16. says

    You know you’re an optimist you believe your 14-yr old son when he tells you he will get up for school if you give him just “2 more minutes”.

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