10 Bizarre Things To Experience on Vacation

It’s been just days since we were in balmy Arizona and busy Southern California.

I could share beautiful, sunset pictures taken over the Colorado River from my lawn chair.

Yuma Sunset

Or I could share some of the oddities that we saw, heard, and witnessed.

Here, then, are 10 Bizarre Things We Experienced on Vacation:

  1. A guy visibly packing a Glock on his way into Yuma’s Best Buy. Apparently he got a really good deal on 20 TVs.
  2. A Beware-of-tanks-crossing sign. Tank Crossing
  3. Two mimes driving a new Mercedes sedan on a SoCal freeway.
  4. A kazillion cacti, the F-U of vegetation.
  5. Good wine on sale for 4.99. As my mom says, “You can’t afford not to drink it!”

    This is beer. The caption on the cozy reads, "I'm sorry. Let me drop everything and work on your problems."

    This is my mom holding a beer. The caption on the cozy reads, “I’m sorry. Let me drop everything and work on your problems.”

  6. Santa riding a horse on the beach. Santa is from Calgary (it’s cold here). And I know his brother-in-law. Santa Cowboy
  7. The Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Who knew?
  8. A barista in Starbucks who said, “So I got my husband a shotgun for Christmas.”
  9. An actual tumbleweed.
  10. A Titan II missile that is very phallic. As are the organ pipe cacti, come to think of it.

What bizarre things have you experienced over the past few weeks?


  1. says

    What bizarre things have I experienced over the past few weeks? I had the flu. You really want the bizarre details? Did you know that the human body can make liquid flow from… no wait. never mind.

  2. says

    Living in Asia now, I experience the odd on an almost hourly basis. Like, it is commonplace to get your to-go food in a plastic bag. Egg roll….plastic bag, soup… plastic bag, chicken feet…plastic bag, rice…plastic bag, bubble tea….cup inside a plastic bag. No one even thinks twice about eating straight from the plastic bag either. Don’t have time to finish? Tie that bag up and stuff it in your pocket/ purse for later.

  3. Elizabeth Roth says

    Hi Leanne,

    This probably isn’t the right way to contact you and I was going to attach this as a comment to a related blog but couldn’t find one. Anyway, thought you would appreciate my thing I never thought I would say to my kids ” All superheroes out of the kitchen.” I have also been known to regularly say “No balls in the kitchen”. Apparently I prefer my kitchen feminine and average.

    Thanks for your blog! ~ Elizabeth

  4. Donna says

    Never fails any time there is a beach or pool in Mexico, “old caucasion guy wearing shorts with black socks hiked up to his knees”. And saw a muscle head checking his “junk” in the pool!

  5. says

    I know the ‘track’ in front of my house where we shovel the snow from the city walk is getting more and more narrow – but what’s with these people who spend the nice chinook days shoveling snow off the road. Go for a coffee, buddy.

  6. Sherry Mackellar says

    This was a lot of fun but also bizarre but you have to know our family. Over the holidays we rented a soccer field court in Indianapolis, and ages 14 to 72 played hard for an hour. We had no subs so tiring for the old folks.
    We all survived with no heart attacks or immediate injuries but most could not move the next day.


  7. says

    The most bizarre thing to happen to me this week was an unintentionally hilarious comment my 7 year old daughter made while I was chopping garlic.
    – Dad, what’s that?
    – It’s garlic. (I rip it open). These are its cloves.
    – You’re ripping its cloves off?!
    Not quite as cool as cacti and tank crossing signs, but I’ve never laughed so hard at any comment my kids have made. So yeah…bizarre for me. Cool site!

  8. says

    I think I’ll t-shirts made that say “You can’t afford not to drink it.”

    Or at least a bumper sticker.

    And I’ll send my MANY profits to your mother.
    Gotta pay for that 4.99 wine eventually…

  9. Ashley R says

    I have a picture of myself standing next to an Emergency Snow Route sign…in Abaco Bahamas. It’s an actual street sign with an official city logo on the back and mounted in concrete to the street. Although it seemed to be primarily used as a urinal for the local dogs.

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