5 Tips for Traveling with Children

In December 2009, prior to leaving on a trip to Arizona with our then five-year-old twins, I posted this piece. Now that it’s summer and many families are embarking on long flights or longer drives, I thought I’d post the piece again. If you’re looking for new content, check out […]

Breaking My 10 Parenting Commandments*

Thou Shalt Not

As a woman who birthed later than the national average, I had plenty of opportunities to be an armchair parent. By observing an array of friends – some of whom should have used birth control – I saw a range of parenting styles. I witnessed well-meaning parents make not only […]

Funny Search Terms: You Are What They Look For

Question mark made of puzzle pieces

A strangely addictive hobby of many bloggers is to look at the search terms that bring people to their site. This is mostly amusing, sometimes sad, and occasionally frightening. (If you’re any of the people who found IronicMom.com by googling “what to do child choking,” I’d like to officially say, […]