The 10 Worst Christmas Songs. Ever.

I know. It’s Christmas Eve. Maybe I should put away the sass. After all, I’m sipping a cup of tea, warm from the -25C temps outside, and listening to Christmas music I like (Thank you, Matt Andersen, for recording the best ever version of O Holy Night). [youtube=] Before you […]

Some Book News (and some old giveaways)


First, in the news department: My book,┬áDon’t Lick the Minivan: And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids, is up on Amazon! Here’s the cover: Second, the sucking-at-something part. I suck at giveaways. My cop out for this is that I’m not a completer-finisher. Although I managed […]

Two men, the Undead, and Zombie Lego

Undead Lego

William wandered over to me with his latest Lego creation. He’d hobbled together eight spacecraft, each piloted by a gruesome creature. We looked at them, and Will explained the marvels of each ship. He held one up. “This one’s undead, Mom.” Viv, who was drawing with pastels, perked up at […]