This Is What 15 Years of Marriage Looks Like

Vivian Email 15th Anniversary

On July 15, 2000, my husband and I were married in rural Manitoba.   That was fifteen years ago today. This is how our anniversary played out this morning. * I adjust my duvet cover and look at Chris, who's half a kilometre away in our king-size bed. "Hey, Happy Anniversary," I say. Chris adjusts his own duvet cover. "You too. Fifteen years married to the same woman," he says. "Bummer." I put on my glasses so I can roll my eyes more clearly. Chris continues, "I should get a medal for being married to you that long." I say, "Well I should be … [Read More...]

Surviving the Calgary Stampede with Kids

There are many ways to survive The Calgary Stampede as an intact family. Here are five. 1. Leave town. Without your children. I'm on Breakfast TV this morning. Then I'm heading east for a girls' trip with my mom, aunt, sister, and cousin in Saskatchewan. Yeehaw! 2. If you can't leave town, hire a babysitter to stay with your kids while you enjoy the Stampede. Yeehaw! 3. If your kids are … [Read More...]

Funny and Easy Gifts for Mother’s Day

It's nearly Mother's Day. Usually I celebrate Mother's Day by calling my mom and apologizing for not sending her a card. Being awesome, my mom says she doesn't want a card. Look how amazing she was (and still is...even though this picture was taken a few years ago). But this Mother's Day, I'm giving my mom the best (and easiest) gift of all. This free gift is loosely modelled after … [Read More...]

Lego Yoga: What It Feels Like to Exercise in Your 40s

I've been trying to get fit(ter). For about 40 years now. I'm a slow learner. I do yoga about twice a year, which is just slightly less than I exercise. Lately when I do yoga poses, I feel not-so-limber. Kind of like Lego. In fact, doing yoga when you're in your 40s is a lot like doing yoga when each of your joints moves only one way. Like Lego. Here is what I look and feel like: … [Read More...]

Funny Review Time: Jord Wood Watch

I like wooden things: tables, desks, trees. Sometimes even toothpicks if I have corn-on-the-cob stuck in my teeth. (Clarification: The kernels, not the cob, though I suppose I might need a toothpick—or a pickaxe—if I got an entire cob stuck between my teeth.) And now I also like wooden watches. Who knew? Not I, until I actually opened one of the dozens of "Dear Blogger: Will you please … [Read More...]