Funny and Easy Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

It's nearly Mother's Day. Usually I celebrate Mother's Day by calling my mom and apologizing for not sending her a card. Being awesome, my mom says she doesn't want a card. Look how amazing she was (and still is...even though this picture was taken a few years ago). But this Mother's Day, I'm giving my mom the best (and easiest) gift of all. This free gift is loosely modelled after the fill-in-the-blank letters I received from my kids when they were in kindergarten a while back. Let's face it: if adult colouring books are the new craft-du-jour, then it follows … [Read More...]

Lego Yoga: What It Feels Like to Exercise in Your 40s

I've been trying to get fit(ter). For about 40 years now. I'm a slow learner. I do yoga about twice a year, which is just slightly less than I exercise. Lately when I do yoga poses, I feel not-so-limber. Kind of like Lego. In fact, doing yoga when you're in your 40s is a lot like doing yoga when each of your joints moves only one way. Like Lego. Here is what I look and feel like: … [Read More...]

Funny Review Time: Jord Wood Watch

I like wooden things: tables, desks, trees. Sometimes even toothpicks if I have corn-on-the-cob stuck in my teeth. (Clarification: The kernels, not the cob, though I suppose I might need a toothpick—or a pickaxe—if I got an entire cob stuck between my teeth.) And now I also like wooden watches. Who knew? Not I, until I actually opened one of the dozens of "Dear Blogger: Will you please … [Read More...]

What Easter Looks Like With Tweens

Easter looks different—perhaps even better—when your kids are older, not passing out in parental-induced sugar comas. This past weekend, I found myself remembering Easters of years past. There was the time (last year) when the Easter Bunny hid chocolate eggs in the dishwasher ... and I discovered this after the 140-Fahrenheit water ran through it. This year, Easter celebrations promised little … [Read More...]

The Worst Toys of 2014

It's my fifth annual list of the Worst Toys of the Year. I wish my job of selecting these was getting harder, but it remains as easy as making fun of a Kardashian. Here, then, are the Top 7 Worst Toys of 2014: What do you think? What are this year's worthy toys? horrific ones? What were your favourite toys from your own childhood? … [Read More...]