Bizarre Clothing: Growing Up Gen X

funny mom

My next writing project involves looking back at growing up wild and free in the middle of nowhere in the 1970s and 1980s. Periodically, I’m going to be using this space to ask for your help. Like now. I posted this question yesterday on my Ironic Mom Facebook page: What […]

When You Forget the Names of Things, Laugh.

Hydrator Machine

It’s Sunday night dinner. We’re having pasta, one of those meals I can cook providing there’s a jar of pesto in the pantry. I haven’t spoken to an adult all day and have rarely spoken to a child, since Vivian is ill and William is in Lego-building mode. I’m struggling […]

How Dinosaurs Trash Talk

Dinosaur Trash Talk

My eight-year-old twins know how to trash talk. I blame their father, the man also known as my husband. So far, our kids only trash talk when they’re in character, most recently as plastic toy dinosaurs who were having a Jurassic showdown. William held Stegosaurus; Vivian gripped Allosaurus. They bashed […]

The Worst Toys of 2012: The Noisy Award

Worst Toys-Noisy Minnie Bowtique

Well, we’ve made it to the final award in my list of The Worst Toys of 2012. The final presentation is The Noisy Award. This award goes to the toy a parent is most likely to (a) yank the batteries out on Boxing Day, (b) drive over it with a […]