Top 10 Ways Not To Get Ready for BlogHer

Use more foil than two dozen baked potatoes would to get hair highlighted

In 12 hours, I will be on a plane heading to Chicago. I’m off to my first Blog Her, one of the biggest blogging conferences in the world. Heck, I’m even speaking at it (and by “speaking” I don’t mean only to the person in front of me in the […]

Driving 14 Hours with Kids

Ironic Toyota Minivan

We arrived in Manitoba last Thursday. It’s where I grew up, or — more precisely — where I started to grow up. I’m not fully mature yet. The good people of Toyota lent us a Sienna. My son nicknamed it Redman. Then my husband informed me that I shouldn’t shout […]

When your husband pimps the minivan

Pimped Minivan

To understand my husband, you have to know he has an ever-growing tacky collection, including canned alligator meat, Chinese Revolutionary propaganda, and a Jesus toast maker. Recently, he told me, “I have a surprise for you.” I raised my eyebrows, choosing silence. “You’ll get it tomorrow when you come home […]

Announcing Book #2

PM Announcement for CYNS frame

I’ve been sitting on this 550-word manuscript for six years. Even though Agent Jill doesn’t sell children’s books, I showed it to her anyway. Because she’s awesome, she sold it. It was announced on Publisher’s Marketplace this morning: I love The Change Your Name Store for many reasons: it has […]