WANA Join Me?

WANA Tribe

There are few people who are as good at developing community online for writers as Kristen Lamb, a gun-slinging, quad-riding, social media Texan Jedi. Now she and her business partner Ingrid Schaffenburg (think Obi-Wan with ballet training) have taken a giant leap forward and are developing a virtual cafe for creative […]

Moments With My 8-Year-Old Son

William Head In Bush

William, now 8, is still every bit the same boy he was at 7. On Tuesday, his birthday, he hopped on the bathroom scale to see if he was indeed bigger. He was. This weekend, he showed us more behaviour that revealed he is my same-but-bigger son. On Friday morning, […]

Sleeping In: The Myth of Parenthood

Sleeping In Pixel - William, Leanne, Vivian

Here’s an excerpt from my latest humour column in The Calgary Herald: You know you’re a parent when you pray that your children allow you to sleep in. Until 7: 30 a.m. Last Saturday my husband vacated the bedroom early to pursue his hobby of collecting other people’s useless crap, […]