What You Don’t Want Your Daughter To Say After Prom

I was either stuck in a windstorm or it was prom (circa 1989).

It’s prom season. Maybe I’ll tell my prom story one of these days. It’s as cliche as they get. ~ But for now, please click over to Nickelodeon’s NickMom to read my latest attempt at humor. ~ ~ Top 9 Things Moms Don’t Want Their Daughters To Say After Prom […]

Ask the DH: An Opportunity to Embarrass Ironic Mom

Mothers Day William Leanne Vivian Pixel

My humor column today in The Calgary Herald begins like this: If you want to know how to ruin Mother’s Day, ask my husband. He was born on Mother’s Day. This year, his birthday once again falls on Sunday, and in the reality game of celebrations, birthdays trump pushing a […]

Top 10 Signs That Mom Needs a Vacation: guest post


I am more delighted than a teacher on a snow day to have one of my besties, Elena Aitken, guest posting here today. Together with Trish Loye and I, Elena completes the Wordbitches trio. We’re also part of the same writing group. Elena is a kick-a$$ writer who’s very successful […]

What makes someone sexy?

Confidence is Sexy 3

My face was red, sunburned red. I was breathing hard, a sign that my forty-year-old body was a couple of decades past being a competitive athlete, past being fit, past having a beautiful belly button on a stomach without stretch marks. I continued my workout on our driveway, passing the […]