A Poem I Wrote When I Was 10

Patti and Leanne Sibling Rivalry

This past weekend, I found a yellow Hilroy notebook filled with bad poetry I wrote when I was ten. One of the poems was about my sister, Patti. I’ve posted A Poem for My Sister, circa 1981 at StuffKidsWrite.com. Get ready for political incorrectness…

StuffKidsWrite.com: Mom Is Not Your Boss

I remember watching episodes of Who’s the Boss. I even thought Tony Danza was cute. Well, times change. And most of us know who’s the boss in our households. Or do we? Head over to Stuff Kids Write to see what Tamara Lunardo’s seven-year-old daughter has to say about this […]

Stuff Kids Write: Oedipus Wrecks

Oedipus Wrecks collage

Today, StuffKidsWrite.com features some (more) of William’s writing that he has carved into various objects. Please click the image above or HERE to read and comment on his exploits.