Ask the DH: An Opportunity to Embarrass Ironic Mom

Mothers Day William Leanne Vivian Pixel

My humor column today in The Calgary Herald begins like this: If you want to know how to ruin Mother’s Day, ask my husband. He was born on Mother’s Day. This year, his birthday once again falls on Sunday, and in the reality game of celebrations, birthdays trump pushing a […]

10 Bizarre Updates from the Past 10 Days

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If you want a slice of my (psycho) life, here are 10 updates I posted on Twitter or my Facebook page over the past 10 days. Update 1: William vs. Hole ~ Update 2: God vs. The Fire Alarm ~ Update 3: Vivian vs. iPhone ~ Update 4: Me vs. […]

The Wisdom of 7 Year Olds

Vivian at age 4, a few years before those fingers knew cursive (or cursing)

Vivian sat at the table, practicing line after line of cursive writing because apparently she will learn handwriting in Grade 3, otherwise known as “next year.” Out of nowhere, she said, “Some parents just want their kids to be like them.” I paused whatever I was doing in the kitchen, […]

Humour Column: Trying Not To Glue Gun Kids Together

Vivi Will Bunny Craft

When I was on my Spring Break, I volunteered two mornings in both Vivian and William’s Grade 2 classroom. I had to do a craft. I happen to despise crafts. I can mess them up easily. Those two mornings in a primary classroom were the subject of my latest humor […]